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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Schedules schedules schedules!!!

Schedules, schedules, and more SCHEDULES!
So my sister Amy is super great at making and keeping schedules. I on the other hand need a schedule but never know how to make one, or never commit the time to sit down and do it. So great idea if you need a schedule(I needed a workout one) commit one week to really doing what you need to do, whether its eating right, exercising or reading. Then write it down...Viola schedule all made. Ok example I know you may need one so I started trying to workout I got down on 2 ,45 min Zumba videos on Mon and Tues. Then the firm video on wed and Thurs. Followed by core work on Friday. See schedule and all I did was write it down now sticking with it is the key mine will be 2 months then I will focus on certain body parts Ill add my schedule when I do that..
Have fun scheduling and stay motivated :-)

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