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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Ok if you are like me this year (I will not be having anyone over for Thanksgiving.) Then its time to get on that Christmas decorating! YAY I am super excited this year because every other year we have guest for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I never get to started on Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving:( I may be the only one who thinks like this IDK. I have some tips for easy decorating and gift preparing so hopefully I can lay it down without being overwhelming lol; Which if you know me I can go-go-go Here goes..
. Decorating Tips
1. Pine Garland . Its super inexpensive and looks great alone or can be paired with other cute decor.    2. Bows Bows Bows . Need I say more you can place these babies all over the place, it's great!
3. Table runners they're super swift to change out and you can find some for every occasion..
4.Hot Tea. Ok not really a decorating tip but I need it with all this running around lol
5.Printables. I don't think I need to explain but there's a printable for everything out there. (door signs,wall decor,snack labels the list is endless.)
 Ok that's enough of a teaser for now , lets get down on the Gifts. I love giving presents and I have found a system that's been working for me for the past few years.
1. Find a closet. One that's not being used often (mine happens to be my Christmas closet haha most the decorations are being set out
2.Get plastic bags. For every person you're getting a gift for they have their own bag to organize the pile of gifts and not forget what gifts are for who. (great way to reuse shopping bags)
3. Start early. Begin getting gifts super early you will find more thoughtful gifts and save tons of cash.
4.Save gift bags and tissue paper then reuse it. (I take my tissue paper and neatly fold it then put it into my tissue paper file.) Sounds corny but it keeps the tissue paper nice and flat so its brand new when I use it.Also its easy to find.
5. Have fun. Use anything... if you don't have wrapping paper pick out some newspapers with cute ads. Don't have bows.. again newspaper made bows or fabric bows.(It'll be thoughtful and different.)

If you haven't gotten the idea in the list. You hang the plastic bags in the closet. Label them if your memory isn't what it used to be. Then every time you find a gift for someone put in into their very own bag. You can begin to wrap but I don't do that until its time just in case I have a surprise guest and need to switch some stuff around. When it comes to your immediate family ,wrap and label your gifts as soon as you can and toss them into the attic,basement wherever people wont travel too. Hope that helpped, have fun and stay tuned we will be having tutorials soon :) double yay!!

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