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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

mulch picture update/ potty pants

I told you I would update you with pics. The mulch makes it look way better but Im still not done because my dog who apparently with age has started making nest decided to dig a hole in my mulch.So after much persuasion my husband bought me some lining so maybe it will keep her out of my mulch!

Potty pants
By the way my son is potty training(I'll accept prayers) so while browsing on the internet I found this really great diy for training pants. So next I  update you with pics.

check out the instructions and other cool stuff at www.homesweethomebodies.net
and go to easy-on potty training pants.
Here's mine. it's nice because small mistakes don't matter they're training pants lol. btw this is a very simple project ,,i have no real sewing experience and I threw these together swiftly!

Have much fun Lane

Friday, April 26, 2013

Doggy Nest

So I go outside to mulch the yard and before doing so I had to pull the weeds out of the area. So apulling I will go a pulling I will go hi ho the derio apulling I will go.... I placed all the weeds in a pile on the patio only to realize I have no bag. So I rush inside,feed the baby then head back out with a bag.Only to find out my dog has made a nest out of it.It's pretty neat to see I mean I've seen her dig holes before and lay in there,but never a nest!!! I immediately pictured her in the wild laying in her nest. never the less I had to clean it up. The pic below isn't my dog but  everything is the same as when I found her lol. She  ended up barking all night because apparently she was highly attached to her nest .


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

fun idea!

spring is here so I have been doing a lot less inside and more outside. I got all my spring cleaning done so now I'm preparing to keep pest away from the house. one of the things I do is spread mulch around the exterior and bushes. Take a hoe and clean out the area of dead leaves or debris. After your work area is cleaned out and a safe zone for children(from certain pest starts with s ends with nakes.) Put their gloves on and let them get to mulching. It was nice because we had got rubber mulch so my LO just dug right in with bare hands. You're not left doing it solo and your children feel accomplished. I will have pictures updated when I finish. needless to say I didnt take my advice at the beginning of the blog.  I was hand cultivating an area where I almost reached out and grabbed a snake. So we have added snake repellent to the routine. We do live off a lake so I figured it was necessary. Have fun mulching!


can't even tell it's rubber huh?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cauliflower crust pizza

Can you eat pizza without flour, grains, a surge of sugar to the blood stream????

YES, YES & YES!!!!!

Here is my favorite pizza crust recipe of all time:



  1. 1Steam cauliflower than
    Chop cauliflower to rice-sized pieces and garlic ,mix in a little bit of olive oil 
  2. 2
    Cool and then place in mixing bowl with remaining ingredients.
  3. 3
    Mix thoroughly and press into 12" pizza pan that has been sprayed with oil, or use parchment paper.
  4. 4
    Bake for 20 minutes @ 400 degrees, or until golden./ You may flip if desired to brown the other side.
  5. 5
    Remove, layer sauces and toppings, then bake again until everything is hot and browned.

Friday, April 19, 2013


So I'm cleaning the house to hear my baby boy saying "uh oh"  I realize his  toy vacuum handle fell off. Its OK I reassure my little one,mommy will fix it. I plug in the glue gun to warm up and continue to clean. To my surprise I smell something burning my 1st reaction STOVE ... nothing. 2nd reaction THE BABY.... NADA!! I'm now at a loss until I see smoke,my glue gun was smoking. I quickly yanked the cord out of the wall then thanked God that  it was on the counter away from  things. Some melted glue had seeped down into parts it shouldnt have. Needless to say my glue gun is in critical condition.

which brings me to my second part of this...
Glue gun safety

it's easy to get caught up using this tool and forget that it is burning hot and can catch fire.
Based on my recent experience I would recommend these safety tips.

-keep your gun on a hard nonflammable surface
- place your gun in a clear area away from things that would catch flame
-pull any loose cordage up onto the counter where tiny hands or pets cant yank it down.
-Don't leave the area while gun is on
- lastly remember the internal device can get extremely hot and the glue is hot so proceed with caution.

In the event your gun catches fire remain calm,unplug it from the wall. cap it with a pot until the flame is dispersed and don't fret you can buy a new one.

God bless,have fun and be safe!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spring cleaning

Dont forget to spring clean. You're able to clear stuff out the house an also clean better so you dont get any critters. Its always a good idea to clean between your mattresses bugs in the winter may make that a breeding ground,(after all it is warm and away from danger.) Another thing to consider is your trash bins that you set by the curb,sometimes they get food and other things stuck on the bottom. So take a water hose and dish soap and spray away that yuckiness! There are lots of great tips on previous blog post and on the left bar I give some ideas for  a typical week. Just remember as you clean to get everywhere bugs can get. Have fun and if you have kids let them get involved in this.

my little one filling up the trash bin.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Donation time

Nows the time to clear out those closets and donate donate donate. Remember to wash and bag everything you wish to donate. I always go to family 1st and see if anyone's interested in a clothing swap. After that its all you,you may choose  go to your favorite charity or earn some money selling to a second hand store. Whatever you choose clear those closets and remember its for a great cause. With some garments that arent donate worthy you may be able to salvage and make a nice quilt or smaller outfit. Im blessed to have a 1 yr old so his clothes are tiny lol. you know what I always say  creative and have fun.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

energy pops

If you haven't stopped by the dollar store to pick up your popsicle makers,nows the time.They're  great for any age and way healthier than the pops you buy at the store. We made lemon and grape pops for the kids. You can experiment with any and all flavors. I even did a green tea with lemon for an energy boost. Have fun and enjoy those hot days!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

fun easy crafts

Easter was a wonderful celebration.I heard a ton of great ideas that were great for families to do. 1 is particularly great for younger children and you can do it whenever.

I printed out a picture of a rabbit. Put some glue on a surface it wouldnt stick to,(foil,paper plate ect) then took cotton balls and let him dip them in the glue and place them on the picture.
He had so much fun and even had to run and show his dad.
I was also shocked at how my 9 yr old daughter wanted to do it.(she just wanted an excuse to get sticky lol)

have fun with it. you can choose many different pictures older kids can even dip it in colored glue for a fun effect.

scroll the pics from the bottom up  ~Lane