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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

diy placemats

This is a fun and easy craft that I was able to do thanks to my sister getting me a lamenator for my birthday. All you do is grab a piece of doodle paper and let the kids go to town,you'll be amazed at how creative they get when you tell them it will be their placemat. When they're all finished add what little details you want and laminate it. If you do not have a lamenator dont fret you can go somewhere that does thats very inexpensive or you can pick a self lamenator at walmart for real cheap that you just press over your artwork. The children love having their own placemats and I love not having to tell them to grab one when they eat. Be creative and have fun. BTW older kids can laminate or help.

have fun

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

new workout

ok I dont know about you,but I tend to have a very hard time getting in a good workout. I have tried everything from downloading workouts on my tablets to trying just playing with the kids. I can never seem to finish when I do it on a tablet,and playing with the kids never gives me the burn I was hoping for. Then I remembered seeing this workout online I relooked it up and yay I found it. Its challenging and the kids think Im playing with them instead of shutting them out to do some video.Dont get me wrong whenever you have time squeeze in a video. If youre up for the challenge here we go....

The 100

100 jumping jacks
90 crunches
70 leglifts
60 jumping jacks
50 crunches
40 squats
30 leglifts
20 jumping jacks
10 min of running

When its said and done it should take about 20 min. Do 1 workout rightvafter the next.You will really see what needs to be worked on.

You may not be able to do it all the 1 st time but thats what makes a good challenge. I just love the fact that I dont feel like I have to choose kids over exercise or exercise over kids.

have fun!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

lanes schedule

Amy has been begging me to put up my schedule.Its nice to see the differences between the two. I know mybschedule is a little more lax considering I have a 1 yr old,so nap times fall whenever he needs them.

7am make breakfast for hubby
8am read bible
8:30a core exercises
9 a bible study with my sister
10a small spot cleaning and start breakfast
11a breakfast
12p childrens bible study
12:30 craft
1:00 active learning
1:30 outdoor study
2:15 story time
2:30 snack time
3:00 learning time
5:00 clean up house
5:30 dancing or outdoor playing
6:30start dinner/ childrens quiet time and small snack
7:00 learning game with kids

I know its not the usual type schedule but I do what works for our family. I hope this helps give you a base for your schedule.

Always remember have fun!

free chick f lea!!

I hope everyone took advantage of cow appreciation day at Chick f lea. Once a year they host cow appreciation day where if you dress up like a cow you getca free meal of choice. If you wear a cow assessory you get a free entre or milkshake. We had a blast and ofcourse my sister and I totally took advantage of the free meals. Heres pics and I hope you join us next year for cow appreciation day!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Get More Than 24 Hours Out Of Your Day

Not really! But we really can accomplish more than we think with the 24 hours God has provided. And no, I am not talking about being robots never stopping until our bodies give out on us. I'm talking about being intentional with our time, scheduling our days. If we take a peek at what a day in our lives really look like I'm sure we'll find some time wasters, more than we'd like to admit.

My summers are spent being more carefree, though I do keep to certain things scheduled in my day, like meal times, extracurricular activities & bedtime. The school year becomes a bit more strict but makes a HUGE difference in getting things done.

Here's my school year schedule August through May:

6:30- I wake up, make breakfast & sweet tea for my hubby
7:00- bible study with my mom and sis
8-9-kids up, beds made, small chores, kids & I breakfast together
9-10- Mystery of History (bible history)
10-11-math & English with 6yr old, boys spelling & English
11-12- chores, make lunch, start on dinner
12:00- LUNCH
12:30-1:30 Math with 14yr old, 10yr old art, 6yr old play time
1:30-2:30-math with 10yr old, 14yr old silent reading then piano, 6yr old educational online games
2:30-3:30-unit studies
4- kids free time while I straighten up & finish making dinner
5-dinner time
6-7- my computer time
8- bedtime for all


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