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Saturday, February 21, 2015

God's Gift... a study on Created to be his Helpmeet

What exactly is a Help Meet? Well, honestly it was something that I(Amy), spent numerous years not doing well. My husband and I fell in love as teenagers and married as teenagers as well. Neither of us saved. If you haven't accepted Jesus as Savior, please take some time to read here. Two unsaved, teenage, sinners, went about the business of having kids and moving forward in marriage however we knew how. Neither of us being brought up knowing exactly what a godly, christ-centered marriage looked like. To keep an extremely long story short, we both ended up coming to know Christ and through the help of the Holy Spirit, which dwells in us
By the Holy Spirit who dwells within us
 and wisdom granted from our Heavenly Father  
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him
 God led us to resources to help us in our walk with Him. One of those resources I was led to and has helped me immensely is the book, Created to be his Help Meet by Debi Pearl. And as we mature in our faith, we are to share the knowledge we have with other women 
and so train the young women to love their husbands and children
Thus, my sister and I feel led to share what we're gleaning week-by-week throughout the above mentioned book. SO, what is a help meet? Help-Meet:
(Heb. 'ezer ke-negdo; i.e., "a help as his counterpart" = a help suitable to him), a wife (Gen 2:18-20). We are helpers that have been suited for our own husbands. 
For man was not made from woman, but woman from man.
Since us women have been created to be helpers to our man, let's ponder the question, In what ways can we be helpers to our husbands? One example would be to be there to help when he needs. I was recently handed a list of things my husband needed me to accomplish for him that day. He generally doesn't give me lists so I knew that he really needed my help in these things. Well it just so happened that he gave me a list on my busiest day of the week. Not only did I need to fulfill my role as homemaker, home school mom, taking two kiddos to classes that day, so on and so on BUT I had this list! Like I referenced earlier, thanks be to God for giving me the Holy Spirit and wisdom. I graciously accepted that list and prayed for God to order my day and allow me the grace to accomplish what needed to be done. He did. That day ran a little differently. After bible study, I went about fulfilling the items on that list and then accomplishing other necessary tasks that day. Let me tell you, that husband of mine was blessed! Anyone and everyone around could tell how much he appreciated that I had put him first and been the helper God had called me to be.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Created To Be His Helpmeet study

Update: So its Friday the 20th and I have to say Chapter 1 Gods gift kicked my bottom! I realized that because I'm supposed to be a gift for my husband I want to do my best to be the most appealing gift I can be. I want to be easy to talk to and I want him to want to be around me and cherish me. Get the picture we are to become a wonderful gift to our spouses.
Remember you do have a choice in a good marriage or a bad one.
There is an awesome point at the end of each chapter titled, "Make a new habit."
This week is : Think of ways you can be a helper to your husband.
I know I make sure to ask if my husband needs anything? (and do it if he does.)
Also I do everything I can to make it easy for him to get off to work/or wherever he may be going ..  Those are just a couple things I do what are some things you do to ,to be of service to your husband?
Lets have a passion to be of service I cant wait to hear what you all thought of this Chapter and I'm very excited to start the next.
Chapter 2 A merry Heart..
Yay my sister and I have been planning this study We will be doing a chapter a week Starting Monday . Then answering questions and going over the chapter on Friday. Please jump in we will be going over chapter 1 on Friday Feb 20th.Then starting Chapter 2 Monday Feb 23rd Please join in ask questions/ comment lets learn to be the best wife and helpmeet we can be. This book has taught my sister and I so much it brought us out of what could have been disasters into  wonderful marriages built on love and trust.
Created to Be His Help Meet book

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Recipe Yumm!

Ok so I have to say we don't go out to eat much except when its a special occasion. So when we do go out I'm that person who inspects the food not just to make sure its good to eat but also to see how to make it so I got this great recipe that is inexpensive(favorite word)

Tilapia Tacos

fajita tortillas
1 can of rotel
Tilapia filets 1-2 per person
bag of coleslaw mix(
Salt & pepper
bottle of sriracha ranch dressing (chipotle or season ranch if you need mild)

pan fry tilapia filets  and season with s&p, then set aside to cool.

Sautee coleslaw mix in pan that had filets until slightly tender.

Cut filets into 2-3slices per piece .

warm tortillas until bendable then fill as such..

spoonful of coleslaw mix-piece of filet-drizzle ranch -then top with rotel.


tips 1 filet should yield 2-3 tacos with is a serving for 1 person and serve with wild rice. You can also add cheese and deep fry the fish.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bratz Doll Makeover into Wholesome Tree Change Dolls

Bratz Doll Makeover into Wholesome Tree Change Dolls

CrockPot meal you will love!!!

Ok so I have to admit this recipe is so sacred to me lol I don't want to give it away but It's so good I can't keep it to myself :-) so here goes.. Lanes Crockpot Chicken

1-3 Boneless skinless chicken breast
1 can of mild rotel (you can substitute 1cup salsa)
1 can of beans any kind works (kidney or black is best)
1 package of cream cheese
* can cream of chicken soup totally optional if you want it creamier)
1-2cups rice

Place chicken,rotel and beans in crockpot season with salt and pepper turn on high and leave for 4 hrs.
Turn the crockpot on low. Toss in entire package of cream cheese
On stove top boil rice until tender. When rice is done drain if it has water and dump rice in crock pot.
Mix it together and serve.

Tips while you're eating you can turn of the crockpot and leave covered and the meal will be warm throughout dinner in case anyone wants seconds. Which they will.

My entire family loves this recipe including my very picky eater husband lol Enjoy Lane :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Deals in February

ok So I realized that I haven't posted any deals And I'm totally a "deals" person. So I found some deals that are around my area which some are franchisey ;-) so if you have these places in your area then it works so here we go
 Chick-fil-a Has free coffee for the month of February
February 16th  Monkey Joes  Bday celebration free goodie bags and free cotton candy
 Feb 16th Yellow River Game ranch  has dollar days GA
 Stevie bs pizza kids (10yr and under) eat for .99 Afer 4pm now -march3
 Ihop kids eat free everyday from 4pm-8pm (with an adult meal purchase)
 golden corral Mondays Kids eat free 5p-9p (10yr and under)
 February Snowmass CO Free activities and craft for 1 hr 3:30-4:30 (gosnowmass.com)
 Feb 14-16 All national parks have free admission for presidents day weekend!
 Feb 16th  Denver botanic gardens Free 9a-5p
 Feb 19th Denver Zoo Free day All day
 Marietta Fire Museum showcases antique fire engines and fire-fighting equipment. Free to visit and free parking. In Marietta GA 30060
 Fernbank Science Center includes a 65-acre forest inside-the-Perimeter wilderness. Trees, shrubs,
wildflowers and ferns along the 1-1/2 miles of trail are labeled so children (and parents) can learn what they're looking at. The exhibit hall has stuffed animals and dinosaur skulls. All is free except planetarium. Located in Atlanta Georgia.
 Stone Mountain Park $10 vehicle entry. Bring a picnic lunch, walk on the beautiful scenic trails, catch the Lasershow or enjoy a walk up the mountain.
Atlanta and Denver Children’s Museum both include
Every month Target Free Second Tuesday’s are free from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Active, retired and reserve military personnel receive free admission
Family members of military personnel receive discounts on select holidays
Fulton County residents can purchase buy 1 get 1 free tickets on opening day of feature exhibits
I hope you enjoyed the deals. If you're not in these areas its ok I mostly posted what everyone offers. Just check out your local website and find out the awesome deals I'm sure they offer.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clutter OUT Clothes IN (Declutter your closet)

So my fabulous sister (Amy) is always super great at keeping me in check. So it was no surprise when she asked me to pick a dirty spot in my house (a Fire) and put it out. So my fire was my closet and its no surprise to people that know me I'm a bit meticulous when it comes to my closet space, hey I only have to see it multiple times a day and pick out my clothes that's going to represent my feeling for the day I should be overly inspired to keep it tidy. That is why today I'm bringing in simple steps to de-clutter your closet..

Step 1
Clear out- Those clothes that you don't want, get rid of them . They don't fit, bye bye and if you still enjoy them set them on your bed for later.

Step 2
Clean up-  Vacuum, sweep, clean and heck beautify if you want to add some bedazzle to the wall now's your shot, some paint here and there doesn't hurt either. If not just clean :-)

Step 3
Plan- You should be a little sweaty now so here's your chance to take a break; really analyze how you want your closet to look and how it can best suit your needs. TIPS If you don't have drawers in your closet and can't get them now cute baskets on the shelf help to keep your small items in check. If you don't like hanging certain items no fears find an area in the closet that's perfect for hosting folded items.

Step 4
Utilize- Lets get back to work and utilize that beautiful freshly cleaned space. Hang nice shirts where they are easily accessible, that's what you will probably grab the most. Next your pants/jeans; If your like me you don't wear dresses It's good to hang those in the back, my dresses are actually in a totally separate closet(due to lack of wear.)Then shoes lets put the ones you use most toward the floor the shoes you don't wear as much can be placed nicely on a shelf. Now my bags are in the separate closet I mention earlier a nice trick is to hang them on hangers toward the back of the closet.

Step 5
Decorate- Now's your chance to do little changes here and there and also add your own flare maybe a plant here a mirror there whatever you think looks nice. Remember this is your area that is essentially going to start everyday so ask yourself while your decorating," will this brighten my day?"

Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Day Crafts!!

OK I have been searching for some great craft ideas. First let me tell you what I did for Valentines day with my little man... I cut out shapes of trucks and trains (his favs right now)Then let him cut out circles and squares to glue onto the vehicles and we wrote the names of the receivers to make his valentines cards. Then tape a little goodie on there and you have a homemade valentine. I Also got the standard candy hearts which there are lots of alternatives.. I like lollipops made with fruit juice instead of sugar. I snagged a hot wheels car from Walmart they have these cute mystery packs for a little over $1 that has a surprise car with matching sticker,(Which is awesome for toddler boys.) So enough about me lets take a look at some of these awesome crafts I've seen flying around.
Hersey kiss mice!
Snag the tutorial for these cuties at cafemom.com
Another cute one with kisses I found at
SO  I hope you grabbed some great ideas from these pics I tried to pick some of the cutest ones I found. Also don't forget to swing over to one of our fav sites http://www.dltk-holidays.com/valentines/crafts.htm She also threw tons of cute ideas out there! Remember have fun and you''re never to young or to old to try and create a valentine. :)