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Thursday, August 28, 2014

train birthday ideas

ok so my little mans bday is coming up. He loves trains or anything to do with trains,so train bday it is. This is gonna be a very basic party and I dont have alot of decorations considering my printers out of ink. So this post will be an awesome bday party on a budget. Ill start with food so initially I was only gonna do cake and icecream as I was trying to make this party short. Seeing as my sis in-law volunteered the cake we are doing a bit of toddler loving food. So the CAKE It will be thomas the tank engine basic cake vanilla with whipped frosting a pic of thomas coving the top and at his funnel a pic of the bday boy so cute. The food is basic we will bbq some hotdog I have an assortment of potato chips and the healthy version of jug juices as well as baked beans( per request of both my hubby and bday boy) lol.

I have made a very inexpensive pinata (although pinatas are sooooo cheap to make) I should do a tutorial. I made it green like his favorite train. I decided to fill it with peanut butter cup,safe lollipops,chocolate covered caramel and bite sized cookies(When its hanging the wheels wont look flat.)

now for the decorations this will really help your budget lol.
I have the bday banner with table center pieces and confetti already ( remember my party box post.)
The pinata of course will hang somewhere. for the food I will choose containers which I will cut circles out of construction paper and tape to,to make wheels. I will place 1 of my sons toy trains in front to have a long train buffet line.
I haven't added all the wheels yet or the labels.

I will be taping down black tape in the front of the house to look like train track with a homemade paper sign on the door that reads "please take your choos off"

I will tie a few green and blue balloons to my mailbox

then the power party decor idea (like a said earlier no decorations) I will be hang balloons from my ceiling with ribbon as well as some twisted crepe paper to look almost like a circus tent. Then the rest of balloons will be scattered around on the floor.
just a few streamers I will add different colors later

dont worry i will post pics for those who cant imagine my ideas all in all my decorations cost under $5  as i had everything to build the pinata and the rest of the items were pick up at dollar tree.

a couple signs i placed ofcourse the yellow one will be straight ,couldnt straighten it on camera for some reason.

Also before I forget I made my little man a conductor costume with overalls ,hat and bandana Also on his actual bday he will recieve a train whistle a bday boy pin.

That wraps up the bday ideas if you have questions please comment below and remember HAVE FUN


Monday, August 18, 2014

label your bottles

Ok so some of you are probably saying ,duh. I was pretty good at remembering what I had put into my spray bottles, not to mention most of the products I did put had their own distinct color(to help me remember.) However these couple months are a good time to really get on your pest preventions. So I have been going around my house with what I thought was my insect spray. Thats when I started noticing little bugs here and there. Which I have to add its unusual for me to have even a spider because my spray is just awesome. However after a spider here,tiny beetle there I knew something was up. So after some investigating and spraying I realized for the past 2 months I had been spraying my house with.....drum roll please ........... Weed stop! Go ahead laugh Im falling out right now. I couldnt believe it. After trying to figure out how this could happen(aside from the obvious,no label.)I sat down to contemplate and heres the just of it. Someone had used up all my bug spray (not sure who but guessing humm starts with m..ends with e.. lol) left the empty bottle in the garage. Well one day as I was doing yard work I needed to spray the edges of the driveway so seeing the empty unlabeled bottle, I quickly filled it up with weed stop and DID NOT label it. Hence my house getting some bugs and no weeds and yes Im still laughing. Moral of the story LABEL YOUR BOTTLES.

Have fun

Thursday, August 14, 2014

1 closet to clean

Today I had a great idea in the midst of your busy schedules.... choose one closet (or small room) that needs some attention and have someone help you clean it( your kids.) Its funner with someone and you'll be amazed at how fast the time flys by. You won't even realized that you knocked that troubled area off your to do list. Have fun and keep happy.


by the way quickie suggestion would be to try and do this once or twice a month to keep those hidden areas tidy and out of your mind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

schools in yay!

ok my sister Amys the homeschooling queen if you all havent figured that out already :-)

So started my son in pre-k and so excited to find out a few funny facts.
1st it doesnt matter that the crayons broke,they still work.
2nd if your child starts falling asleep during studies,its probably because they lost interest.
3rd play dough is the best thing ever! if they leave it out its ok no fret just run water in the container then close it ,by the morning its good as new. (my favorite,can you tell?)
4th its ok that you also enjoy doing the kids dances
5 last but not least playing outside is considered a learning activity.

Have fun and remember to enjoy Homeschooling

Lane :-)