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Monday, November 17, 2014

Cleaning Your CEILING FAN

Now is the time for sneezing,sniffling,coughing and more unhappy feelings of the cold trying to cough its way into our lives. We recently had a bout of the cold/flu in our house and I have to say after each one of us hacking away and gasping for air I thought.... I would do anything to stop coughing and breath like normal. Whilst wallowing in self pity on my living room floor I looked up to see.... Dust dust and more Dust on my ceiling fan. My first thought,"oh no this has to go." I'm sort of an OCD cleaner if I see something that needs to be cleaned I immediately stop what I'm doing and get to it,(so I don't forget of course.) So off I head to get my ceiling fan cleaning brush. A long handle with a circle shaped brush at the end."Perfect!" I thought, come to find out my thinking was absolutely wrong while this brush had been doing a swell job this whole time and I saw dust flying when I used it,I came to realize its not the best method to clean. Now what everyone has been waiting to hear,I will tell you the best way to clean your fan.
Climb on a ladder with plenty of paper towels and....
 here its is the cleaning solution to make your fan spik and span(rhyming) scrubbing bubbles. Yep the bubbling bathroom cleaner I use for everything and no I don't work for the makers of scrubbing bubbles. When your looking to clean and disinfect swiftly (as I was,still not feeling well.) Scrubbing bubbles is it.
Get On your ladder and starting with the tops of the blade spray and wipe until its completely cleaned then get the bottom of the blade.(blade side facing the floor)
 After you clean every blade in this manner spray your paper towel and clean all of the rest of the pieces on your fan. Remember you only spray your blades directly as  spraying the other components of your fan could be harmful and possibly ruin the effectiveness of the fan. Also know you can do this I know some of y'all are not ladder climbers and definitely not dusters BUT when it comes to your health and the health of your household CLEAN THAT FAN. You'll be so glad you did and you only need to deep clean the fan like this about 4 times during the year all the rest of the year dusting would probably suffice.
Have fun

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