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Thursday, February 28, 2013

overwhelmed much?

Sometimes I wake up and think is this gonna be a good day or a bad day...With a one year old theres no telling. So as I washed my face put on my sweatpants and headed across my house I prayed for  good day. I swooped up my son prayed with him and headed for our day of play. After almost burning breakfast trying to find something to occupy him on the potty. I grabbed craft supplies to teach him colors,before I can finish I have a half naked boy hanging on my heels crying. I rush to the diaper bag to find fig newtons and spill them all in the bag. I couldnt help but to laugh..after much thinking I realized I dont have it hard think about my son.Here is learning to use he potty,talk and learn things like colors. He cant get his thoughts across because he cant form sentences. Alas he always gets tired and has to take a nap while momma stays up and "has fun" (really cleaning.) All this to say dont forget how easy it is to teach. We need to learn colors so with cardstock,markers and crayons I cut and he colored. There it is and in 1 day he knows red,blue,yellow and orange. I love it!


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