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Sunday, March 3, 2013

veggie tales

ok I didnt think about it but I would've posted about the veggie tales event. I used to do events for Disney so I was all for it. They were preselling a veggie movie and showing it that day in the store.We were the only ones there :( Thats the great thing about 1 yr olds they dont care. They set us up in the back of the store with color pages and crayons and flipped it on for us. He danced,ate and threw toys. He didnt understand why I couldnt rewind so he could dance again but it was good to get out the house. He made out like a bandit stickers,color pages,3 movies,poster and mommy made him a cardboard Bob and Larry. We are ready for  another one. If I wouldve had more than 1 days notice he wouldve been sporting a homemade Bob costume lol.

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