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Friday, February 15, 2013

fireplace cover

Its been a little chilly lately here in Ga and so we are doing everything to keep the heat in. We were sitting in our living room the other day and were wondering " why on earth it want getting warm." I mean we had the heat on high and the entire downstairs was warm except the living room. Then my husbands said there is a breeze under our fireplace. low an  behold the vent under the fireplace was letting in a breeze. Im a bit different than my husband so when he mentioned  throwing a blanket in front of it that didn't fly with me.So a craft began  ( sorry moms my son wasnt invited to this one)I measured the width and length of the vent and began all I did was cut cardboard the size I needed ,grabbed some fabric and began gluing until it was complete. I was finished in a matter of minutes and glued some magnets on the back so it would stick. If you fireplace vent isn't metal you can always use Velcro in the matching color I had a blast and it looks way better than a folded blanket I think!


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