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Monday, March 25, 2013

diy easter baskets

I have never been a fan of store bought items. I love to look and see how I can make it myself. An easy one being whats going into easter baskets heres what I threw into my childrens baskets. For a 9 yr old girl: sidewalk chalk,dress shoes,items to make your own bracelets,big chocolate easter egg,pixie stick,little candies. 1 yr old boy: dress shoes,sidewalk chalk,huge crayons,a large piece of white cardboard ( to color on), wooden puzzle and marshmallows. We will also be checking out some local egg hunts and doing the egg project my sisters going to talk about.The best advice I have is have fun be creative and think of ways that can encourage solo play. I also like that while sister is making bracelets,brother can color. They can also color the sidewalk together so thats nice.

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