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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nows the time!


OK calling all home makers !! I just wanted to say that anywho so if you are not looking like my sister right now with the tons of snow in the front then now is the time to weed and feed your yard. Don't worry ladies its easier then vacuuming. All you do is take the spreader (basket on wheels) pour your weed and feed into(looks like a lot of discolored mini pebbles) and walk around the yard pushing the basket. STOP a little dramatic I know but a common misconception is to do it before its about to rain FALSE if you spread before it rains the rain will wash away your hard work.

Next who needs spring cleaning?? OK everyone needs it but right now IS the perfect time to go through your closets and get rid of stuff. If you're like me and your kids closets don't have much to give away... I bet the toy chest does. Make an effort to find at-least one thing to get rid of out of every closet in your house and donate it..
pest control : Man spraying insects- pest control
 Then take your bug repellent and get to the base boards!!( before you know it ,it will be hot out and the bugs will begin looking for food that is readily available within the dust particles in our homes.) TIP : Also go around the base of your garages and patios those are generally spots that house a lot of dust and it will become an extra barrier for the bugs to have to get through before reaching your home.
FilterFast Brand 30920 Replace…
Speaking of dust if you have a lot of it for some reason, it IS perfectly normal.Now is about the time to change our filters in our furnaces. I bet the heat has been running and chances are if you have not changed that filter within the last 3-6 months your house is looking a bit more dusty. Change the filter and you'll be set to go.
So I hope you enjoyed our before spring to do list :-) The items on the list may seem time consuming or overwhelming but believe me you will be glad you did it

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