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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

mulch picture update/ potty pants

I told you I would update you with pics. The mulch makes it look way better but Im still not done because my dog who apparently with age has started making nest decided to dig a hole in my mulch.So after much persuasion my husband bought me some lining so maybe it will keep her out of my mulch!

Potty pants
By the way my son is potty training(I'll accept prayers) so while browsing on the internet I found this really great diy for training pants. So next I  update you with pics.

check out the instructions and other cool stuff at www.homesweethomebodies.net
and go to easy-on potty training pants.
Here's mine. it's nice because small mistakes don't matter they're training pants lol. btw this is a very simple project ,,i have no real sewing experience and I threw these together swiftly!

Have much fun Lane

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