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Friday, April 26, 2013

Doggy Nest

So I go outside to mulch the yard and before doing so I had to pull the weeds out of the area. So apulling I will go a pulling I will go hi ho the derio apulling I will go.... I placed all the weeds in a pile on the patio only to realize I have no bag. So I rush inside,feed the baby then head back out with a bag.Only to find out my dog has made a nest out of it.It's pretty neat to see I mean I've seen her dig holes before and lay in there,but never a nest!!! I immediately pictured her in the wild laying in her nest. never the less I had to clean it up. The pic below isn't my dog but  everything is the same as when I found her lol. She  ended up barking all night because apparently she was highly attached to her nest .


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