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Friday, April 19, 2013


So I'm cleaning the house to hear my baby boy saying "uh oh"  I realize his  toy vacuum handle fell off. Its OK I reassure my little one,mommy will fix it. I plug in the glue gun to warm up and continue to clean. To my surprise I smell something burning my 1st reaction STOVE ... nothing. 2nd reaction THE BABY.... NADA!! I'm now at a loss until I see smoke,my glue gun was smoking. I quickly yanked the cord out of the wall then thanked God that  it was on the counter away from  things. Some melted glue had seeped down into parts it shouldnt have. Needless to say my glue gun is in critical condition.

which brings me to my second part of this...
Glue gun safety

it's easy to get caught up using this tool and forget that it is burning hot and can catch fire.
Based on my recent experience I would recommend these safety tips.

-keep your gun on a hard nonflammable surface
- place your gun in a clear area away from things that would catch flame
-pull any loose cordage up onto the counter where tiny hands or pets cant yank it down.
-Don't leave the area while gun is on
- lastly remember the internal device can get extremely hot and the glue is hot so proceed with caution.

In the event your gun catches fire remain calm,unplug it from the wall. cap it with a pot until the flame is dispersed and don't fret you can buy a new one.

God bless,have fun and be safe!

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