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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quick toddler drawing pad

My son loves to color so much so that he will color on everything.I have tried color wonder and its ok,it takes a little bit for the color to show through.  So he prefers good old crayons. Now sometimes you don't want to sit there all day watching LO.Which is necessary because my son will get tempted lol. So in a moment of desperation(when I think best) I flipped out a piece of cardboard ,popped holes in both sides and took the slivers of fabric i had leftover from lil mans training pants. I weaved a piece of fabric through both holes then tied it onto his stroller so it wouldnt go anywhere. Not only did he have a ball,if he got super tempted to try and draw on his stroller THAT is easily washable.

Have fun you will enjoy that bit of free time you have from this.

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