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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

fun idea!

spring is here so I have been doing a lot less inside and more outside. I got all my spring cleaning done so now I'm preparing to keep pest away from the house. one of the things I do is spread mulch around the exterior and bushes. Take a hoe and clean out the area of dead leaves or debris. After your work area is cleaned out and a safe zone for children(from certain pest starts with s ends with nakes.) Put their gloves on and let them get to mulching. It was nice because we had got rubber mulch so my LO just dug right in with bare hands. You're not left doing it solo and your children feel accomplished. I will have pictures updated when I finish. needless to say I didnt take my advice at the beginning of the blog.  I was hand cultivating an area where I almost reached out and grabbed a snake. So we have added snake repellent to the routine. We do live off a lake so I figured it was necessary. Have fun mulching!


can't even tell it's rubber huh?

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