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Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Juice Update

In an earlier post my sister and I pledged to get healthier.The first step was to clean out our bodies by doing a juice cleanse for a week. We should've consulted with one another better because a week for me meant 5 days for my sister it was 4 days straight juice then 6789 10 lol. Needless to say  I did struggle a bit and did on 2 instances ate  other things. The 4th day we had a lunch scheduled(great timing hubby!) So I had the salad bar and only ate the greens(lettuce,spinach...)I felt great not tired actually full of energy.I was able to get a lot accomplished and actually started on my new workout routine.The 5th day was another story I woke up exhausted ,I didn't want anything to do with the green juice so I just drank water. When it hit lunch time I wasn't worried about anything but sleep so I took a small nap(30 min) Dinner came and I was hungry but was still tired of that green juice so I made my own being(kiwi,broccoli,spinach and a bit of pineapple juice.) It was good because it wasn't as sweet.Than later that night is when dizziness set in and I ate saltiness crackers.So all in all I did make it through the juice fast and really cut back on a lot of things.I lost 1.6 lbs which wasn't the goal but a nice reward at the end.
Amy on the other hand was all in it,she didn't cheat at all.She actually caught me on that last day chewing crackers on the phone. Eventually we both decided it would be best if she stopped the next day. I was glad she agreed because she has a very small frame and IF I didn't feel good I knew she probably didn't.lol I wish everyone the best on their cleanses and fast and IF you feel its the best go longer or shorter. I watched a lot of fasting videos and researched many different recipes till I found the types that worked for me.


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