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Friday, January 25, 2013

Amy's Weekly Menu

I try to eat by the concepts of the book, Trim Healthy Mama. Pretty much not mixing fats with carbs and eating a primarily whole foods diet & without sugars and white flours. So.... that sets the stage for next weeks menu:


L-quinoa topped with salmon & a side salad
D-baked chicken and broccoli w/ side salad
B-Trim Healthy Pancakes
L-grilled cheese and tomato sandwich on homemade bread w/ celery & peanut butter
D- Fooled Ya Pizza
D-Skinny Chocolate
L-sweet potato and salad w/ tuna
D-baked chicken and broccoli & a side salad
D-berries & cream
B-Muffin in a Mug
L-Fooled Ya Pizza
D-crockpot chicken w/ cream cheese & green chilies
D-macaroon cookies
B-greek yogurt swirled with hemp powder, stevia & peanut butter
L-sauteed salmon over quinoa & side salad
D-huge salad with the works
D-peanut squares

Due to family time, church etc...we wing-it on the weekends :-)
Yes, we do have dessert EVERY night, but it is prepared in a healthy, whole foods way.


  1. I love it,you gave me so many great ideas sis! Plus I don't have to call you everyday to ask what your making lollol