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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doggy potty

Ok the dog just got a new yard so I can't blame her for wanted to relieve herself everywhere. I mean I don't know why I thought I had this perfect dog that would chose one small patch of grass and only go there. never the less it's everywhere and we chose this yard so the kids could play and the dog could play. She mistook the yard is yours for the yard is your potty. So I had to figure something out and here it is,make a place that's just hers separate from the yard where she can relieve herself. Surprisingly I'm not the only one who's thought of this (darn.) Anyways so out in my yard I went to find what in nature I could use for this potty. Thankfully I had recently chopped a ton of pine trees down so that was my better part. The only thing I needed to buy was weed paper to keep weeds and grass from growing into the potty (you can use newspaper)being as it was a potty I didn't want to have to replace anything. I'm not completely finished so I grabbed a pic of what the idea is. Now mine won't be as pretty seeing as the inside is pine straw and the border is wood,but it will suffice.I made it 5 ft by 5 ft seeing as she's  husky mix so she needs the space. I believe it's going to allow her relief and relaxation.With us still being able to utilize the yard. I will update with pictures when I finish. Until then any advice would be helpful and enjoy the pet patch pic!


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  1. Oh, I did see this! COOL!!! Looks kind of like a grassy pool table