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Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentines Day Crafts!!

OK I have been searching for some great craft ideas. First let me tell you what I did for Valentines day with my little man... I cut out shapes of trucks and trains (his favs right now)Then let him cut out circles and squares to glue onto the vehicles and we wrote the names of the receivers to make his valentines cards. Then tape a little goodie on there and you have a homemade valentine. I Also got the standard candy hearts which there are lots of alternatives.. I like lollipops made with fruit juice instead of sugar. I snagged a hot wheels car from Walmart they have these cute mystery packs for a little over $1 that has a surprise car with matching sticker,(Which is awesome for toddler boys.) So enough about me lets take a look at some of these awesome crafts I've seen flying around.
Hersey kiss mice!
Snag the tutorial for these cuties at cafemom.com
Another cute one with kisses I found at
SO  I hope you grabbed some great ideas from these pics I tried to pick some of the cutest ones I found. Also don't forget to swing over to one of our fav sites http://www.dltk-holidays.com/valentines/crafts.htm She also threw tons of cute ideas out there! Remember have fun and you''re never to young or to old to try and create a valentine. :)

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