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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Created To Be His Helpmeet study

Update: So its Friday the 20th and I have to say Chapter 1 Gods gift kicked my bottom! I realized that because I'm supposed to be a gift for my husband I want to do my best to be the most appealing gift I can be. I want to be easy to talk to and I want him to want to be around me and cherish me. Get the picture we are to become a wonderful gift to our spouses.
Remember you do have a choice in a good marriage or a bad one.
There is an awesome point at the end of each chapter titled, "Make a new habit."
This week is : Think of ways you can be a helper to your husband.
I know I make sure to ask if my husband needs anything? (and do it if he does.)
Also I do everything I can to make it easy for him to get off to work/or wherever he may be going ..  Those are just a couple things I do what are some things you do to ,to be of service to your husband?
Lets have a passion to be of service I cant wait to hear what you all thought of this Chapter and I'm very excited to start the next.
Chapter 2 A merry Heart..
Yay my sister and I have been planning this study We will be doing a chapter a week Starting Monday . Then answering questions and going over the chapter on Friday. Please jump in we will be going over chapter 1 on Friday Feb 20th.Then starting Chapter 2 Monday Feb 23rd Please join in ask questions/ comment lets learn to be the best wife and helpmeet we can be. This book has taught my sister and I so much it brought us out of what could have been disasters into  wonderful marriages built on love and trust.
Created to Be His Help Meet book

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