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We are 2 sisters who have so much in common yet still have many differences. We are very crafty and love finding things that we can do/make instead of buy and since we enjoying spending time with our families its easy to incorporate that. We are budget friendly always finding the best deals! Homeschooling mamas who love sharing about the Lord. Join us as we share, teach and have a blast on our blog

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


                        Trying to get cleaned and organized doesnt always happen how you would like it to. Life can get in the way ,children ,homeschooling,housekeeping and husband keeping can all make it challenge. Thats why my sister and I came up with this challenge. Everyday we will be choosing a new spot in our home that needs decluttering. so here we go hopefully you can join too. feel free to send in you before and after pics... HERE WE GO!!!!

           GUEST BATHROOM                                              

Have fun
~Amy & Lane ~

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