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Thursday, May 9, 2013

learning colors

With smaller children they are constantly learning. You can literally place them somewhere and they would have learned so many new things without anyone ever saying a word. I am teaching my LO colors and I've taught myself new things as I was teaching him,if that makes sense. So I have a workbook of colors that we do,which is nice because we can go at his pace.I also got fingerpaints with the basic colors ..red,green,blue and yellow so for the color we are learning he can paint with that color. While he was learning the color red he spotted some red fabric and showed me.That gave me the great idea to make a bracelet out of it. So for every color I teach him that day he will be wearing his bracelet.If you have a girl it may be simpler to have 1 bracelet and switch out the beads of corresponding color.We are having tons of fun there are many ways to teach colors so I am blessed with an easy subject for now lol. Have fun!
*If you print 2 copies of the crayon pic you'll have a fun color matching game.
Also I grabbed this great recipe online,if your child is prone to putting stuff in his/her mouth.


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