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Thursday, May 23, 2013

valu-pak indian hat

I love but hate receiving those valu pak coupons in the mail. The nifty little over stuffed blue envelope filled with coupons,that you cant wait to delve into. When its said and done you have wasted quite a bit of time for only a couple good coupons that you could probably live without. So as a grab my stack of precut coupons to toss them away only to get a new blue envelope with the same. I thought "what a waste." I dont know why I thought feathers at that moment(craft mom mindset) but I did. I stacked them up and cut the 1 feather cut for who knows how many feathers. I made a paper headband and let my son color it then glue the " feathers" to the headband. We then sat and watched a bit of Pocahontas so he would understand it. He loved it and it gave us a way to recycle all that paper.

have fun

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