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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Speedy cleaning for pots and pans!

With all this delicious food my sister is posting I figured I would share some ways I speed my cleaning up. I wouldn't say I am a house cleaning connoisseur but everyone who visits always mentions how clean my house is(which is funny because I almost always have dishes in the sink lol) but I am working on that. Any who so I was recently on the phone with my wonderful sister who was needing help to clean out the oven. We all know those ovens can get pretty nasty and when you try to stay as green as possible you get crafty, "for lack of a better word." So While I was telling her I use only soap and water she was astounded... I got questions like..." what about the stuck on stuff??" or "Are you sure you don't use oven cleaner??" My favorite question I get is," Do you do the scary oven cleans itself thing??" That last one scared me half to death the 1st time I did it BTW. Nope I just scrap every thing out with a spatula then sweep it up and clean it out with soap and water. Many people don't think about using a spatula to clean their ovens nor using a mini broom to sweep the counters these are all little tricks I have used for a long time to keep my house spic and span.. So finally POT and PANS! Have you ever scrapped and scrapped and scrapped some more only to end up tired with a half clean scrapped up pan. Or how about dumping a ton of water into that pot to end up with a yucky looking pot in your sink until the stuff in it loosens. No more!The way I clean these icky little messes is by simply heating them on the stove like I am about to cook with them and then wiping them off with a paper towel when they are nice and warm. I saves tons of time and I don't sweat trying to remove grime from my dishes. Btw if you make rice or something else sticky the above method will work though its easy just to rinse them as soon as you are finished cooking with them. Please remember to take care while you are cleaning with hot items and Have Fun!

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