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Friday, January 16, 2015

Keep Your House Clean

Have you ever walked into a neighbors house by surprise and wondered how on earth their house was spotless. How about Getting a surprise guest and thinking OMG there is a sink full of dishes or why did my kids decided to make a clubhouse in the living room today. Well I have some suggestions What I have been doing lately is everyday at 1 hour before my husband gets off work that's our time to clean up all the toys. A great idea is  planning specific days to clean certain areas . My sister has 1 day a week that is laundry day. That's the normal fact many people have laundry day but what about bathroom day or dining room day. You will never be caught off guard the next time a neighbor appears. I know many of you are thinking (I need to clean all the open areas of my house every day,)straightening up is basic cleaning but when it comes to your say "living room day" that's when you whip out the vacuum, the duster even the carpet cleaner (like me for some of these marks that happen to show up out of no where when you have children.) So pick out what days are specific room days you can also get your older children involved by assigning them a room like hey Boy #1 Friday is your day to clean the kitchen. Youngest baby girl #3 Tuesday is your day to pick up the play room. Have fun with it even get motivational by offering something like hot chocolate after their days work is finished. For me a hot bath after a busy day with a big room like the recreation room or hot coffee after a long workout lol. Have fun and stay organized! :)

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