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Saturday, July 13, 2013

lanes schedule

Amy has been begging me to put up my schedule.Its nice to see the differences between the two. I know mybschedule is a little more lax considering I have a 1 yr old,so nap times fall whenever he needs them.

7am make breakfast for hubby
8am read bible
8:30a core exercises
9 a bible study with my sister
10a small spot cleaning and start breakfast
11a breakfast
12p childrens bible study
12:30 craft
1:00 active learning
1:30 outdoor study
2:15 story time
2:30 snack time
3:00 learning time
5:00 clean up house
5:30 dancing or outdoor playing
6:30start dinner/ childrens quiet time and small snack
7:00 learning game with kids

I know its not the usual type schedule but I do what works for our family. I hope this helps give you a base for your schedule.

Always remember have fun!

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