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Monday, July 8, 2013

How To Get More Than 24 Hours Out Of Your Day

Not really! But we really can accomplish more than we think with the 24 hours God has provided. And no, I am not talking about being robots never stopping until our bodies give out on us. I'm talking about being intentional with our time, scheduling our days. If we take a peek at what a day in our lives really look like I'm sure we'll find some time wasters, more than we'd like to admit.

My summers are spent being more carefree, though I do keep to certain things scheduled in my day, like meal times, extracurricular activities & bedtime. The school year becomes a bit more strict but makes a HUGE difference in getting things done.

Here's my school year schedule August through May:

6:30- I wake up, make breakfast & sweet tea for my hubby
7:00- bible study with my mom and sis
8-9-kids up, beds made, small chores, kids & I breakfast together
9-10- Mystery of History (bible history)
10-11-math & English with 6yr old, boys spelling & English
11-12- chores, make lunch, start on dinner
12:00- LUNCH
12:30-1:30 Math with 14yr old, 10yr old art, 6yr old play time
1:30-2:30-math with 10yr old, 14yr old silent reading then piano, 6yr old educational online games
2:30-3:30-unit studies
4- kids free time while I straighten up & finish making dinner
5-dinner time
6-7- my computer time
8- bedtime for all


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