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Friday, December 26, 2014


What can you accomplish,  cleaning-wise, in 15 minutes? Sometimes A LOT more than we think! I've been challenging myself lately to take a chore and see what I can do with it in 15 minutes.  You see, I homeschool,  work part-time and am supposed to keep my home but a lot of times I don't have more than 15 minutes at a time to offer on any given chore. Used to be that I'd wait until the perfect time to do a task; a time I felt I could solely devote to household chores. Good thing I stopped waiting and started doing because there is NEVER a perfect time, and just when you've gone out of your way (kids are being babysat,  nothing scheduled on the calendar,  etc.) to make sure you have the time available to get er' done, something always happens like neighbor visiting, child needs to go to ER, your struck with sudden fatigue and so on and so on.  These things happen folks! So now instead of waiting you'd be quite amazed what you can do when you stop over-thinking and just do. I've given 3 before and after photos of our main bathroom(although we have 3 bathrooms,  this one is everyone's favorite) and 1 before and after pic. of  the right side of my closet (the messy pile up side). Each task completed in 15 minutes or less. By the way, I know this because I set a timer. This girl is serious about her 15 minute rule ;-)  ~Amy
Bathroom before, pic. 1
Bathroom before, pic. 2
Bathroom before, pic. 3
Bathroom after, pic. 1
Bathroom after, pic. 2
Bathroom after, pic. 3
Closet before, pic. 1

Closet after, pic 1

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