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Monday, August 18, 2014

label your bottles

Ok so some of you are probably saying ,duh. I was pretty good at remembering what I had put into my spray bottles, not to mention most of the products I did put had their own distinct color(to help me remember.) However these couple months are a good time to really get on your pest preventions. So I have been going around my house with what I thought was my insect spray. Thats when I started noticing little bugs here and there. Which I have to add its unusual for me to have even a spider because my spray is just awesome. However after a spider here,tiny beetle there I knew something was up. So after some investigating and spraying I realized for the past 2 months I had been spraying my house with.....drum roll please ........... Weed stop! Go ahead laugh Im falling out right now. I couldnt believe it. After trying to figure out how this could happen(aside from the obvious,no label.)I sat down to contemplate and heres the just of it. Someone had used up all my bug spray (not sure who but guessing humm starts with m..ends with e.. lol) left the empty bottle in the garage. Well one day as I was doing yard work I needed to spray the edges of the driveway so seeing the empty unlabeled bottle, I quickly filled it up with weed stop and DID NOT label it. Hence my house getting some bugs and no weeds and yes Im still laughing. Moral of the story LABEL YOUR BOTTLES.

Have fun

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