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Sunday, May 4, 2014

cleaning marker quick tip

So you're probably wondering what I'm talking about.... Yes a story is about to unfold. I have a dry erase calendar which just happens to be my life line as well in a rush to neatly write in the next month I must've accidently grabbed a Permanente marker. Thats not all there's something about these dry erase boards because my son had dried up dry erase marker that lets just say,"would not yield!" He also had regular marker that had dried up on there. Here goes after much scrubbing,sweating and growling I have found the ways to spare aggravation with these few tips:

I will categorise each one by- B (the Best way).  G (a good way) and I (incase you dont have these items)

Permanent marker:
B - Amways LOC wipes ( it wiped right off)
G- Scrubbing bubbles ( the great value brand works just as well ...spray all over the board and then wipe before it drys gently applying pressure as you go.)
I- Sunscreen ( I dont know why this works ...rub sunscreen all over the marker,wait about 1 min then take a slightly damp rag and wipe off)

Dry dry erase marker:
B- Amway LOC wipes ( redundant but it works sooo good.)
G-Scrubbing bubbles or some rubbing alcohol on a rag
I- dry erase marker (scribble over all the dry caked on marker and wipe off like normal)

last but not least
Dry regular marker: 
B-Amways LOC wipes ( Im not prejudice but I do sell it.. AaronInternational.net )
G- warm soapy water( use rag to wipe away)
I- scrubbing sponge (gently very gently press and scrub away)
I hope these tips help just make sure you do not try to wipe dry dry erase marker with a wet rag it will make it stick worse. Also remember to use a colored cleaning rag
Happy Cleaning

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